Big Red XP
All necessary is included It can cut logs up to 21 feet long with 32 inches diameterAutomatic Saw Head positioning and Auto-Lock Saw head
Honda GX630
Everything you need
9 conveyor roll, 4 toe boards. 4 dogs
On Road Ready
Standard on every units
Super Heavy Duty construction

Welcome to Vallee Sawmill Pascal Métal Inc. Located in St.Denis de Brompton is a young and dynamic company that specializes in the manufacturing of portable sawmills and forestry equipment. We take great pride in offering our customers a 3 year warranty on our high quality portable sawmills. Since we work with our customer’s feedback, our portable sawmills are in continuous improvement. Our sawmills are precise and easy to operate. Three lengths are available; 12, 16, 20 and 24 feet with a choice of a Honda motors ranging from 13 to 28 horsepower with an electric start. The motors have a 3 year warranty. We also offer a wide range of accessories: hydraulic log loaders for ATVs and small tractors, blade sharpening, tooth setter, various blades for all kinds of portable sawmills, log loaders, bed extensions (according to your needs) and covers.

From 1,575.00$
Speed and Precision
Fast At up to 350 teeth per minute the Dino Saw Setter can accurately reset your blades in less than two minutes
From 995.00$
MSA Technologie
the patented Dinasaw MSA sharpeners can also sharpen with a positive 10degree angle across

Canadian distributor

Toll Free : (800)-577-2722

USA distributor


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