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TOOTH SETTER Vallée double Twin Setting 395.00$

=296.66  US Dollar

50$ discount with the Combo Sharpener

This essential tool allows you to restore 2 teeth at a time (right and left).  Adjusting and using this tool is fast and precise.

Automatic Hydraulic Log Lift   2,500.00$

=1,877.57  US Dollar

The integrated hydraulic pump system comes complete

  • Harness the muscle of hydraulics: Load, roll, clamp and raise your logs with hydraulics.


COVERS  149.99$

=112.65  US Dollar

This cover protects your portable sawmill from UV rays, chemicals, oil, road salt and calcium.


BED EXTENSIONS  135$/per feet 

=101.39  US Dollar

This solid bed extension allows you to saw longer than 21’.  It is sold by the foot according to your needs.  It is built with the same quality material as your portable sawmill, 2’’ x 6’’ steel.  Accessories included:  post, pulpwood hook and log leveler.


=488.17  US Dollar

This wood slab trolley allows you to saw your wood slabs into kindling.


=563.27  US Dollar

This useful tool allows you to lift logs up to 24’’ from the ground.  Light weight and solid it is easy to transport. They are sold in pairs.

WOOD GRAPPLE  70.00$, 90.00$, 130.00$

One of the most solid on the market, it is equipped with a solid connecting chain letting you hook to a cable or winch.  This wood grapple allows you to lift logs up to 16″/24″/36″ in diameter.


=123.92  US Dollar

This skidding cone prevents logs from being caught in trees. With 2 sizes available, this tool will let you haul large quantities of long logs.


PICKAROON   55.00$

=41.31  US Dollar

A versatile pick ideal for handling wood around table saws, sawmills and wood chippers. It is made from poured steel with a removable tip and wood handle.  Several lengths are available.


CANT HOOK  from 90.00$

=74.35  US Dollar

A cant hook allows you to roll, lift and turn your logs.  It is a useful tool in forestry and when using sawmills.  The handles are available in various lengths.  20″/30″/36″/42″

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