Alway's improved Since 2002
full automatic splitter
Hydraulic power
18 inch Chainsaw Bar
Adjustable Wedge
Split in 2-4-6 pieces at once
New 2019 Hydraulic
Duplex Design enhanced performance
Integrated Conveyor
11 feets adjustable and foldable for transport
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KOHLER and HONDA available
You decide
Adjustable Auto-Lube
Hight capacity reservoir
Simple and easy maintenance
Inclose self filtering system with easy acess to all hydraulic components
One hand operation
Easy and Safe
Ready to Roll in minutes!
Everything for easy transportation is included
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Allready the most popular Firewood processor sold here in canada, the RR27TK

come in this year with new and improved performance for 2019.


Price at 7,299.00$


– 14 H.P Kohler gas engine

-Optional Honda GX390 Premium 600.00$

– Can produce more than 2 cords/hour
– 27 ton ram
– 35 Lpm 2450 Psi hydraulic pump
– 6 second ram cycle time
– 16 inch log diameter capability
– Up to 24 inch Splitting length
– 2-4 way splitter (optional 6 way)
– 12 feets log lengths, with standard log arm
– 6 inch wide conveyor belt & 10.5 feets length
– 135/70/12 wheels/tires (rated up to 80 km/hour)
– 525 kgs overall weight
– Bar oil drip system to keep the chain lubricated while cutting
– Powder coated steel finishes

– 1 year warranty
– 3 year engine warranty from Kohler and Honda company

Our processor is powered by a 14 H.P 4-cycle Kohler gas engine. *optional Honda GX390 motor
It features a slant cylinder design, with a cast iron cylinder bore and overhead valve for easy access. The Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system ensures only clean air enters the engine for maximum power and life of the engine.
In addition, this engine is backed by a 3 year commercial warranty and can be serviced through your local Kohler dealer.

The Red-Runner RR27TK Firewood Processor is capable of cutting more than 2 cords an hour and will fit 16 inch diameter logs and up to 12 feets in length. 
The log can be cut into lengths up to 24 inch.

The 20 ton ram splits the wood against the standard 2/4 way splitter (cuts wood in 2 or 4 pieces) or we offer an optional 6 way splitter.

The RR27TK has a Hydraulic Chainsaw with an 18″ Stihl bar, designed to be used in conjunction with an 0.058″ x 0.325″ x 72 chain.
The chainsaw is hydraulically driven, meaning you do not need to supply your own chainsaw. This provides a much quieter and easier to operate system than processors that require the use of chainsaw

-2″ Ball Coupler
-Safety chains with quick attach caribiners
-Tongue Jack with pivoting wheel & quick release to easily lift up
-Tripod stabilizer
-Kolher Command Pro CH440 14HP Gas Engine
-27 Ton Fast Speed Ram -6 Second cycle time
-Quality hydraulic components
-Large Hydraulic filler tube with a built in screen and visual level gauge
-Highway rated tires & rims, standard trailer wheel bearings
-Heavy powder coated plate steel body
-Log roller arm folds up for mobility & storage
-Adjustable length chainsaw arm
-Gravity feed bar oil tank
-Solid safety cover over chainsaw lifts for easy maintenance
-Manual ram engage/disengage handle
-Heavy steel fenders
-Easy to adjust splitter wedge height
-Safety cage disables hydraulics when open
-Conveyor side extensions help keep the wood moving
-10½ output conveyor, foldable for mobility
-Leg & chain to adjust conveyor height

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