48" Log Diameter Capacity
With 42 ½” max width of cut for sawing wide, live-edge slabs and boards
offers you the ability to saw extra wide slabs from stumps or large diameter trees to use for table tops
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3 Adjustable Steel Side Supports
Provide improved durability and stability when loading, turning, and sawing heavy logs.
2 Adjustable Log Clamps
For additional stability when clamping a log, cant, or a final board.
Solid Weld Parallel Hardened Steel Rails
Provide a smooth and stable dual track for the saw head to travel on.

Specifications :                                                                

 Price: 14,995.00$ CAD without on road option

                                                      999 $ CAD On road Option include 1 axle 

                                                      499 $ CAD additional axle


=11,668  US Dollar



  • Honda GX690 Premium

  • Electric start with 18 amps/200Watts

  • Gasoline, air cooled, 4 stroke, two cylinders, OHC

  • 3 years Warranty

Saw Head:

  • Maximum diameter of log 48  inches

  • Blade of 202 x 1 ½  APEX RF, 3 Blades are included

  • Electric Saw Head positioning, with Auto-Lock.

  • Heavy duty hydraulic blade tensioning

  • Single, One piece solid front panel, for easy access blade maintenance

  • High grade bearing blade-guide, Zinc design and adapted for heavy usage

  • Auto-blade lube system automatically turns on and off fluid flow during operation

  • Large 7 gallons removable lubrification tank with quick-connectors

  • Automatic Blade-Brake system , maximize speed and the lifespan of your blades

  • Automatic engine throttle and saw Blade engagement.

  • Super-Duty frame Construction, completely made of 2’’X2’’ solid welds

  • Large coloured graduated ruler, details from ¾ up to 4 Inches,

  • ¾ inch last board cut capability

  • Sawhead Without Base  9,995.00$ CAD

Base without on road option :

  • Twin 8 foot sections for total of 16 Foot

  • 12 foot maximum board length

  • Solid steel Tubing frame 2X6 3/16, completely welded with 11X cross members, no joints

  • 2 Dog-Log, simple one hand cam-lock design.

  • Additional 8 foot section  2.500.00$ CAD

Canadian distributor

Toll Free : (800)-577-2722

USA distributor

(518)-572-1075  Richard Bertshe

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