One Lever
Auto Height Adjustment
Auto-locking sawhead Eliminates 2 time-wasting operations per cut.
Stop and secure your blade afther eatch cut, for operator safety
Just one lesser thing to think about

Standard on all

-Automatic Motor Accelerator

On all our Valley sawmills, blade engagement and engine acceleration are made in a single lever, that gives you less control to manage.

– automatic blade Lubrication

Always in order to avoid unnecessary control movements, we have provided our sawmills with an automatic blade lubrication device. This is activated at each start and end of cutting.

– Automatic blade brake

The blade is stopped automatically in one second at each end of the cut, allowing you to reposition yourself without waiting. The system is safe and extends the life of the blades.

-Automatic Cut Adjustment

With a reliable and robust electrical lifting system you can make all the adjustments of your cuts at your fingertips with great precision. You no longer need to turn a steering wheel with both hands throughout the day, which greatly reduces movement, and fatigue. You can now concentrate on the essentials, that is, the next cut!


At each cutting position, the head is automatically secured in place, eliminating the need for an additional lock lever such as our old steering wheel systems or the existing ones of our competitors.

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