4 Models Available

Now you can upgrade your manual sharpener to Automatic. Ask your dealer how.

  1. Manual STD Manual operation, straight teeth only     1,575.00$  CAD
    =1,205.46  US Dollar
  2. Manual MSA Manual Operation with Bevel sharpening option (MSA).    1,900.00$ CAD 
    =1,454.20  US Dollar
  3. Automatic STD Sharpens the blade then shuts off automatically, straight teeth only.    2,575 .00$ CAD 
    =1,970.83  US Dollar
  4. Automatic MSA As above with MSA fitted. (Shown above)       2,999.00$ CAD 
    =2,295.35  US Dollar

Dinasaw MSA Bandsaw Sharpeners allow you to improve your saw’s cutting efficiency by optimising tip angles. Better tooth penetration and chip removal means blades cut faster, more accurately and stay sharp longer.  It’s all about the teeth – they do the work – improving the teeth’s geometry increases cutting speed and accuracy while decreasing frictional heat and sawdust packing.

Normal sharpeners can only sharpen perpendicular to the blade – the patented Dinasaw MSA sharpeners can also sharpen with a positive 10degree angle across the set teeth’s tips to enhance cutting and sawdust extraction.

The saw’s set teeth do the majority of the work and angling their cutting face produces larger chips that are directed towards the centre so they are better retained in the gullet.

Standard, straight sharpened teeth generate smaller chips that are forced directly down to spill beside the blade causing friction that heats and buckles the blade.

  1. Saws stay sharper longer
  2. Less sawdust remains on lumber
  3. Teeth require less set

Dinasaw’s range of Bandsaw sharpeners are the most accurate, versatile and cost effective machines available.

The Manual machine is operated by turning a handle. One turn of the handle will sharpen one tooth.

The Fully Automatic machine is just that. Automatic. Controlled by state of the art electronics, this machine is able to monitor how many times the blade has gone around the machine and shut it off automatically at a predetermined point. Software driven softstart means the machine can be fitted with ABN or CBN grinding wheels without excess current draw.

Spending too much time setting?

Fully optimise the performance of your bandsaw blades Bandsaw SettersThe patented Dino Saw Setting Machine makes the perfect companion to Dinasaw’s bandsaw sharpener. This machine allows you to fully optimise the performance of your bandsaw blades either in the field or workshop.
Fast At up to 350 teeth per minute the Dino Saw Setter can accurately reset your blades in less than two minutes!
Simple The Dino Saw Setter can cope with blades up to 55mm (2 1/8″ ) wide and needs no adjustment when changing between different blade thicknesses. The unique clamping mechanism ensures the blade is held securely even at high operating speeds.
Easy to use Rotating the handle indexes three teeth for every turn, setting one left, one right and leaving one, (the raker tooth), straight. The amount of set is accurately determined by screws in the setting yolk and measured with the setting gauge supplied.
Light and efficient The Dino Saw Setter weighs less than 10kg and can set raker style teeth between 0 – 28mm in a single pass. No need to set both sides individually – just fit the blade and turn the handle. The all steel construction with hardened cams and ball bearings ensure a long and trouble free service life.

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