Red Runner RR270T
27 Tons
2,400.00$ CAD
2-Stage Regenerative Valve
blazing fast speed
8 second full cycle
9 Hp 4 strokes


-27 Ton Splitting Force
-11 Second Full Cycle
-2-Stage Regenerative Valve
-Honda GX200 ​196 CC Engine
-24″ Stroke, 5 ” Cylinder
-​Horizontal & Vertical Splitting

MSRP: $2,400.00 CAD

Introducing the all new Firebolt WXR740, the first 2×2 speed log splitter that is both faster and stronger.

The Firebolt offers 27 tons of splitting force and an impressive 8 second cycle time.

Featuring a 2-stage regenerative valve for blazing fast speed, coupled with a heavier 2-speed pump for extra power, the Firebolt offers the perfect combination of fast.

Efficient splitting with added strength when you need it.


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